Reason For Having A Do Not Disturb Application Installed On Your Mobile Phone.

One of the most fascinating gadgets today are mobile phones especially when you consider how handy they can be. In fact, it happens to be a gadget that is widely embraced especially by the current generation and you can hardly walk a few steps without seeing someone busy making a call or someone else taking a picture and using their phone in different ways. Anytime you find yourself in an agent situation, your phone is probably the first thing you reach for in order to make an emergency call. Even when you want to schedule events and manage a calendar, your phone can be quite the lifesaver. Again, when you’re missing someone your phone is also the first gadget that you use to communicate with them. We can go on and on about all the things that we can do using a mobile but one most important ones is being able to work with your phone and even send and respond to important emails. In short, mobile phones are the indispensable gadgets of our generation. Now even with all these benefits, there downsides to having a mobile phone and one of the common ones is the embarrassment it can cause in situations where it rings in the middle of an important meeting or event.Not only do you get funny stares but you also end up being completely distracted fumbling trying to find your phone in order to switch it off. Putting your phone on silent mode is usually the solution to this but unfortunately it does not allow you a lot of functionality in terms of scheduling went to be on silent mode and not went to be. This is where the do not disturb mobile applications come in.

The biggest advantage of such applications is being able to schedule this mode for specific times and periods. For instance, such an application can help with alerting people that you’re driving when they make calls during such a time. It also allows you to have a do not disturb mode for certain applications as opposed to the general silent mode which applies to everything in your phone. Even when it comes to contacts, you can have different settings in terms of who calls you during the do not disturb mode. Generally, having such an application comes in handy because it helps you to stay organized and even better, to save you the embarrassment of having to mute your phone in the middle of a serious meeting. Thankfully, there a lot of such applications on the internet and in most play stores, all you have to do is choose what suits you best.

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