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Useful Tips for Taking the Best Passport Photo

It is understandable why you want to take a great photo when renewing your passport because after all its going to last for up to ten years, but it is not always straightforward for everyone. Besides just appearing for a passport photo, there are actual rules that a passport photo must abide by to be accepted. There are a few things you should know to ensure you are taking the best passport photo. If you have been wondering the things you can do to avoid your passport photo being rejected, continue reading to find out.

There are so many locations where you can take a passport photo but quality and equipment varies from one to another, so if you want to be assured of getting the best quality passport photo, you should stick to locations close to a passport agency. People are usually advised to avoid certain types of clothing like strapless top when going for passport photo snapping because they will appear topless, which is not a good look on your passport photo.

White is the most commonly used color in the background when taking passport photos which means you should avoid wearing white but instead look for something that will make you stand out. Since a passport photo will serve you for the next ten years, you should choose a style that will stand the test of time. Your hairstyle also plays a part in the quality passport photo you will take; no part of your face should be covered by your hair.

Another useful tip to use when taking a passport photo is looking head-on at the camera and this is especially important if you are taking your won passport photo or hiring the services of an inexperienced professional. In case you are taking your own passport photo choosing the best light is important if you want to avoid your photo being rejected, and your best option is always natural light. If you are wearing sunglasses or glasses for medical reasons and you have a doctor’s note, you will be allowed to keep them on but if not then you must remove them.

If you are going to a location to have your passport photo taken, ensure you bring along a few essential that you may need to help you maintain a perfect look. If you choose to wear makeup when taking your passport photo, you should go further and apply more than you usually do to ensure you look natural in the photo. These tips will guide you to taking the best passport photo.

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