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How to Deal with Panic Attacks

There are quite a number of people out there who have to live with the effects of Panic Disorder. This condition is known by the ease of succumbing to panic attacks. A panic attack is said to be the rush of fear that comes about due to a stressful event, sometimes not even because of a stressful event. You will notice it coming on through signs such as a change in heart rate, exhaustion will set in, shortness of breath, and chills or feeling overheated out of nowhere. Most victims report feeling like they are about to die.
We are yet to discover its true cause or a specific cure. you can only manage this condition. Here are tips to help you recover quickly and to prevent any further panic attacks.
You need to try and slow down. A common mistake is for someone who just suffered an attack to try and distract themselves with activities. That is not the way to do things. You are tired, and so you need first to catch your breath. You need to lower your heart rate through deep breaths. Focus on the present task, to keep off stress.
You need to install a solid support system. The condition is already stigmatized, which makes it hard to talk about. But if you have one friend who gets you, they will be most helpful in an attack. If you cannot find a friend, then consider using trained service dogs. It is important to make sure you do not get scammed in the process.
You also need to know more about the condition. When learning more about the condition, look at how it specifically affects you. Avoid being isolated from society or places due to the condition. Only avoid places and people that seem to bring out the most attacks.
It is best you do not use drugs or alcohol until you figure this out. You may rely on substances to escape, but that temporary fi leads to more complications. When combined with the side effects of drug abuse, panic attacks develop into more complex conditions.
You need to be mindful of your nutrition. A healthy diet solves so many problems, and panic disorders are no different. You will be less stressed out when you have no worries over your health. Worrying about gut problems can trigger the onset of a panic attack.
Exercising also helps you as much as a good diet. When you exercise, you strengthen your body, thus avoiding instances of being sick. It also helps you deal with stress and panic, thus providing a natural remedy against those attacks.
Ensure you make time for quality sleep. Lack of quality sleep leaves you unable to manage our day well. You need to go to bed early and wake up later.
When you implement these tips, you will avoid most instances of panic attacks, and handle any that occurs much better.