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Everything You Need to Know About Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive or VFD is a type of modifier that drives an electric motor changing its voltage and frequency. They also use different terms such as AC drive, adjustable speed drive, inverter, variable speed drive, and microdrive. There are different kinds of companies that offer variable frequency drive. If you plan to purchase a variable frequency drive then there are certain factors to take into consideration. Aside from the voltage of the drive you also need to consider the name of the drive.

How does a variable frequency drive works?

The variable frequency drive will take the power source of an AC and change it into a DC power source. The part of the drive that will control the speed will make use of the DC voltage to make DC pulses that will change the frequency in order to operate the motor speed.

You should also know the different sizes of variable frequency drive. The variable frequency drive also differ in sizes. When you choosing the size of the variable frequency drive you need consider the motor current and not the horsepower of the motor.

There are factors that can affect the inside of a variable frequency drive such as constant stopping, constant dynamic loads and constant starting. This is why you need to consider the motor peak and current.

You also need to consider the voltage and frequency or the voltage drive and vector controller. The voltage and frequency controller is more cheaper and simpler than a vector controller. The voltage and frequency controller works properly when the speed is high and constant enough to avoid overheating the motor. The voltage and frequency drive is preprogrammed and designed to use voltage and frequency patterns. The vector drive is more effective when it comes to controlling the motor. The Vector variable frequency drive is programmed to control the torque that will be applied in the motor shaft. The vector drive can prevent tool breakage. If you want the advantages of vector drives then it should be properly set up.

The variable frequency drive has a number of functions that can be programmed. It is easier for you to find a quality variable frequency drive if you consider all of the factors that were mentioned above.

There are a lot of companies that sells variable frequency drive. The Invertek drive is an example of a vendor that provides quality variable frequency drive. You can check the website of the company if you want to know more about the company and the services that they offer. Another thing that you can do is to check review websites to know the quality of the company and the products that they sell.

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